Award Categories

These guidance notes have been put together to help you complete the Westbury Young People's Awards nomination form. Each award category explains what the judges will be looking for and helps you provide a full explanation of why you wish to nominate a young person or team aged 19 or under for an award.

Young Achiever Award 

We are looking for someone who has achieved something special to them or others; a young person who normally finds it hard to do things or a young person who has simply achieved something outstanding in difficult circumstances.

Young Carer Award

Do you know a young person who has cared or is a carer for someone? This could be a family member or friend who is suffering from a long-term illness or injury. It could possibly be they have just helped someone through a difficult time in their life.

Volunteering Award

Calling all children and young people who have given their time for free and made a difference to the local community. This could be through fundraising for a local group, helping a local charity for a day or any other voluntary event.

Young Leader Award

This award is for a young person who has worked with younger or older children in developing activities or services. If you know of a young person, who assists with an after-school or weekend club, this could be the award to reward their efforts.

Sporting Individual Award

This award is aimed specifically at a young person who is determined to give 100% to their chosen sport and who has a vision of representing the local area or to become a professional sports star.

Sporting Team Award

We are looking for a team who has focused its abilities and for the young people in the team to be determined to reach the top spot. If this sounds like your team, you know what to do!

Young Environmental Champion Award

We are looking for a young person or group of young people who have taken action on Environmental Issues in the local community. This could include encouraging others to take action on climate change, through to helping with local litter picks and anything in between. If you know someone or a group that fits the bill, nominate them today

School Council Award

Are you a teacher or parent at a school with a strong school council? We are keen to select a school council that has had an input into whole school issues. This can include healthy eating, anti-bullying and any other issues identified by the school council.

Any school council from any of the schools in the Westbury Community Area can be nominated for this award.

Young Individual Arts Award

We are looking for a lively, talented or creative young person. If you know a young person who is keen and dedicated to their local dance group, band or school club, you could nominate them for this award that recognises their talents.

Young Team Arts Award

Calling all people who know a local dance group, band, choir or any other creative young people who perform together as part of a team or who like to perform for the benefit of others. Make them proud and nominate them today.

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