The 2019 Westbury Young People's Awards

Special Westbury Area Board Award Winners

Special Westbury Area Board Award

In 2019 there was one nomination received that was outstanding, but never really fit into any of the categories which were set.

When considering the nominations, the Area Board felt that the young people in this nomination really deserved an award. With this in mind the Special Area Board Award was created.

Winners – Leyton, Elysia and Aiyana Scott

On Easter weekend 2019 Leyton, Elysia and Aiyana Scott’s father suffered a cardiac arrest. Younger sister Aiyana kept a clear head and alerted Elysia to the situation. Elysia took control straight away getting help from neighbours, and then rushed to collect the nearest defibrillator from the Leigh Park Community Centre.

Due to both girls staying calm and acting decisively their father is alive and well. While this was all happening, Elysia phoned her mum who was in the car with older brother Leyton. Leyton phoned the emergency services to ensure they were aware of a rare heart condition his father has, all while keeping his mum calm while they made the 20-mile trip home.

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