The 2019 Westbury Young People's Awards

Young Leader Award Winner

Young Leader Award

This award was for a young person who had worked with younger or older children in developing activities or services.



  • Tom Whiting, Ethan Hayward, Florrie Leitch and Jessica Ware
  • Ethan Curtis
  • Kallum Goodall
  • Leighton Dyer

Winner – Leighton Dyer

Leighton has suffered with asthma from a very young age and last year he decided he wanted to raise money for charity instead of having a birthday party. He decided to have a Sponsored Stay Awake as his party to raise money for asthma uk, Leighton did this with 35 friends from his year group from 7pmon 17th May till 9am on 18th May at leigh park community centre raising over £500.00

Thank you to our sponsors

Martin Co



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