The 2019 Westbury Young People's Awards

Young Volunteer Award Winner

Young Volunteer Award

We were seeking children and young people who have given their time for free and made a difference to the local community. This could have been through fundraising for a local group, helping a local charity for a day or any other voluntary event.


  • Iona McEntee
  • Tiegan Murray
  • Harry Pym and Caleb Blake
  • Hannah Down

Winner – Hannah Down

Hannah was nominated by her headteacher at school. In just over a year at Westbury Junior School, she volunteered in school in a number of ways. She was a prefect, secretary of the school council, and an organiser of charity events. At the time of the 2019 awards Hannah was organising her third charity event raising money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance with two previous events raising money for Westbury Community Project.  

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